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Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
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Supplies consultancy services in Business Process Reengineering.
Our main interest is to help our clients to solve their most challenging and complex management problems.
Our effort is focused in achieving results with significant impact for our clients.

- A process is a set of tasks or activities that an organization carries out to give a service or deliver a product.

- Our work is to listen and observe how an organization carries out its processes. Also, finding out alternative ways of bringing forward these tasks in such a way that the service or the final product will be of greater satisfaction to the client, that less mistakes will be committed and less efforts or costs involved for the organization.

- This work of improving processes is known in Management as Business Process Reengineering. (Hammer-Champy).

Results supported by professional values

With our clients
LMZambrelli serves companies in every business service and industrial sector. We also work with governments, institutions, and nonprofit organizations. We form enduring client relationships: most of our work is with clients whom we've served before.

With our people
LMZambrelli is built within a meritocracy. We hire talented individuals, foster their personal development, and encourage outstanding performers to advance.

Our work and principles

A partnership with Our Clients
We tailor our approach to the needs of each client. Every project we undertake is as unique as each client we serve. But there is a unique LMZambrelli way of working.
We collaborate with Our Clients
We work with clients, not only for them. We have a clear understanding of the difference between consulting and managing - our role is to supplement managers. Every client service team includes LMZambrelli professionals, who manage the overall project and problem structuring, as well as full-time client representatives, who work closely with us to probe options, test ideas, and implement changes. By collaborating with our clients throughout engagements, we build support, avoid surprises, and ensure momentum.
We take CEO's Perspective
We focus on issues of concern to top management. As their businesses grow in scale and complexity, clients find that an integrated perspective becomes increasingly difficult to achieve. Thus, they seek our understanding of relevant industries, functions, and the client itself in problem solving, implementation, and capability building.
We dedicate Team to Each Client
Teams focus on one client at a time and draw on our codified knowledge and proven methodologies. The partner leading the team takes responsibility for the quality of the final result and participates fully from beginning to end.
We create Custom Solutions
No two companies have the same problem. Therefore, we tailor our approach to each client's needs, goals, culture, and circumstances. Our people's specialized knowledge provides objective, original approaches to solving problems.
We protect Confidentiality
We never discuss our clients. This policy best serves our clients' interests and safeguards independence and objectivity.

Our organization

One idea in different places of the world
LMZambrelli is organized by offices, the physical locations in which our people are based, as well as by practices, which are firmwide communities of expertise.
Each of our offices, are led by partners active in the local business community. LMZambrelli expands into new locations only when a group of our partners has developed sufficient business experience in that area.
LMZambrelli's practice areas bring together consultants with expertise in specific industry or functional specialties. Besides working with clients to address specific challenges, each practice conducts research to advance our understanding of critical trends, which we then share with clients. Every practice is led by a team of partners and includes dedicated experts and managers.
Client Service Teams
We assemble client service teams that best suit each engagement from our global network of experienced professionals. Team members are drawn from offices as well as practices and usually include several partners, an engagement manager, one or more associates or business analysts, and experts with deep functional or industry knowledge. LMZambrelli team members work closely with client representatives on the engagement team to exchange ideas, spark creative thinking, and test recommendations.


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